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Whisky galore...

whisky tasting
Why not book a whisky tasting on the water with Loch Ness Explorer

You can't get more Scottish than a hosted whisky tasting session out on Loch Ness, especially with the backdrop of Urquhart castle just to add even more authentic ambience!

Working in partnership with local Scottish whisky distilleries and tasting experts, we are proud to offer an authentic whisky tasting experience on board our boat Glenliath. If you like a splash of water with your scotch then we have teamed up with the good folks at Loch Ness Water to provide their fresh bottled water on board - and you can't get more local than that!

If you are interested in getting a group together for a cruise on Loch Ness and including a hosted whisky tasting session and maybe some food too, then please get in touch with us for more details at Please enjoy these photographs from one of our tasting experiences on board to give you an idea of what to expect...

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